How to Set the Table for Christmas Dinner: Tips for a Super Elegant Atmosphere


Christmas is a special holiday that deserves to be celebrated in style, and nothing makes your table shine more than a luxurious mise en place. In this article, we will guide you on how to set the table for Christmas dinner impeccably, and we will suggest some exclusive products available on Modalyssa Store that will turn your table into a true masterpiece.

Golden, Mother-of-Pearl Cutlery and Pastel Colors

For a truly luxurious table, there is nothing better than the Serena golden cutlery by Rivadossi Sandro, available in shiny gold or matte gold, perfect for a vintage style. Place the forks on the left side of the plate and the knives on the right side with the blade facing inwards. The dessert spoon goes on top of the plate with the handle facing right. This cutlery is a stylish and refined addition to your Christmas table.


For those who love a slightly more romantic and shabby chic style, the famous Classic cutlery in the gold version cannot be missing. Here, too, the choice of pastel colors is wide.


Golden Plates Royal Family Sheffield

Pairing Rivadossi Sandro's golden cutlery with Royal Family Sheffield's plates is a perfect choice. Below are some models of these sets of excellent Italian dishes.

The new CHRISTMAS DINNER NIGHT collection, complete with everything you need, such as cups, teapots, trays. The Christmas Dinner Night collection has gold decorations and Christmas decorations for a perfect mise en place.


Queen Elisabeth Dinner Set, wonderful, exhilarating and sophisticated.


Golden Dinner Set


These plates feature a gold rim that adds a touch of luxury, creating a stunning table that is sure to impress your guests.

Royal Family Sheffield Total Red Glasses


Glasses are another fundamental element for a super chic Christmas table. Opt for water, wine and flute glasses from the Royal Family Sheffield Total Red collection. Place them on the right, over the tip of the knife and spoon, with the wine glass facing out and the water glass inwards. These glasses will add a touch of elegance to your Christmas setup.

Or the transparent glasses by La Rochere, elegant and suitable for all tables


Royal Family Sheffield Tableware


To complete the look, don't forget the tableware coordinated with all of Royal Family Sheffield's Christmas collections. From tablecloths to plates, cups and serving trays, these textiles will create a cozy and sophisticated Christmas atmosphere.


Candlesticks in Glass or Silver

Finally, to create a magical atmosphere, consider adding glass or silver candlesticks. The soft lights and sparkling crystals will add a touch of magic to your Christmas dinner.



Now that you have all the elements for a super chic board, it's important to know how to position them correctly. Follow these basic rules:

- Forks go to the left of the plate, followed by cheese and dessert cutlery at the top horizontally.

- Knives and spoons go to the right of the plate, with the knife facing inwards.

- The fruit cutlery and dessert spoon should be placed on top of the plate.

- The napkin is always located to the right of the plate, next to the cutlery.

- The glasses should be placed on the right, above the tip of the knife and spoon, with the wine glass facing out and the water glass inwards.

By following these guidelines, your Christmas table will be not only chic but also perfectly set. Take inspiration from our ideas and enjoy an unforgettable Christmas dinner.

If you have any questions or would like to share your opinions, please feel free to do so in the comments.

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Merry Christmas!


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