We accept previous payments:

Payment by credit card
Payments via PayPal
Payment by bank transfer

Payments and returns for deliveries are billed in Euro (EUR).


Modalyssa uses a security program that adopts the SSL protection system to prevent data from being intercepted or manipulated.
Payment by Visa or Mastercard
The system checks whether the card uses the 3-D-secure Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode security programs. These are processed security processes specific to this type of credit card. If a credit card holder is enrolled in the 3-D-secure security program, after entering the data another query window will open connected to the customer bank "(A password chosen by you.) Only by entering the exact password, the transaction will be executed.
If the credit card is not registered for any of these security procedures, the payment will be executed without a new authentication.

Payment by American Express
The system checks if the delivery address is set to American Express (AVS: Amex Address Verification System). If the address is not correct, the customer will be notified by e-mail and invited to provide American Express with the address chosen for delivery. The order is delivered only after authentication has been completed.

For all payments: the return crediting will always be reimbursed on the credit card used for the purchase.

In the purchase process just select "PayPal" among the "payment methods" to be automatically transferred to the PayPal page. If you are already a PayPal customer, simply access your data and refund the payment. If you are not a PayPal account, you can open one and confirm the payment.

In case of return of the goods, the amount will be credited to the verified account for payment.


During the payment phase, in "payment method" choose the "bank transfer" option and complete the order.
The bank details and order number will be sent via an automatic confirmation e-mail.
Any bank and bank transfer fees will be charged to the customer. The order will be sent immediately after receiving the credit to our bank account. The amount of the returns will be reimbursed to the bank account with which the order was paid.

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